Welcome to Tingsryd!

They say nowhere is more like Småland than the Municipality of Tingsryd. Here, deep in south-east Sweden, under swaying spruces and mighty weeping birches, stretch winding gravelled roads, stone walls that go on for miles and miles, meadows and rivers, through stunning forest and sea landscapes scattered with villages, small communities, and urban areas.

Here you can sit by the water’s edge, breath in the cleanforest air, and just luxuriate – a short while, a few days, or the rest of your life, if you wish. Tingsryd is the Småland municipality nestling in its own little corner of the world. The views from Lunnabacken, in Urshult, which stretch over the whole region, are truly enchanting. And in close proximity you’ll find over 200 lakes, perfect for swimming and fishing. All the way along the mighty Lake Åsnen you’ll find small, glittering forest ponds, where twinflowers and Arctic starflowers huddle by the water’s edge. In between ripple brooks and sweeping streams where you can glide along the waterway towards the sea in a canoe, far from the madding crowd