Private sewerage arrangements

Private sewerage arrangements

Sewerage water

Sewerage water contains bacteria, as well as the nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorous. The emission of unpurified sewerage water can pollute drinking water wells, cause over-fertilization, and affect the quality of bathing water at bathing sites. As a result, it is vital sewerage systems are operated correctly in order to minimise the impact on the environment.

Private sewerage

Those without access to the municipal sewerage network must arrange a private sewerage system. All properties, including weekend/holiday residences, which are connected to the water mains or have sewerage piping running from them, are bound by Environmental Code provisions governing emission of sewerage water, as well as ordinance (1998:899) regarding ecologically harmful activities and health protection.

When must an application/notification be made?

  • Installing a new sewerage system for toilet water and/or bathing/washing/washing up water.
  • Changing an existing sewerage system.
  • Connecting a toilet to an existing sewerage system.

An application/notification must be lodged before the system is built, or changed.

An environmental sanction charge is imposed in the event an application/notification is not made

Those failing to apply for a licence for, or notify the municipality about their sewerage system, before it is put into operation, may be subject to an environmental sanction charge.

Charge for reviews

For reviews of licence applications, the Planning and Environment Office imposes a tariff charge established by the Municipal Council, which includes the processing of the application.

The sewerage guide is a national knowledge bank providing details of private sewerage and information aimed at property owners, municipal civil servants, contractors, and interested parties among the general public.
Here you can find facts pertaining to private sewerage, as well as information on relevant legislation.
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