Welcome to Tingsryd and our "Relocation service"

Welcome to Tingsryd and our Relocation service

Your first help in moving to Tingsryd from another EU country.

Moving here-service of Tingsryd municipality: Rose-Marie Svensson and Johan Söderlund

Relocation service of Tingsryd municipality: Rose-Marie Svensson and Johan Söderlund

We are so glad you have found our little part of the world and seems to be interested in moving to Tingsryd. You are not alone with your thoughts and many Europeans have made the decision to change their lifestyle before you. Many before you have found their way to a red cabin with white corners during the years so it is far from impossible also for you – even though we understand you have many questions yet to be answered. Many have first visited Tingsryd and our surroundings as tourists which is a great way to get a glimpse of how life can be in south of Sweden. Some have decided to buy a holiday home in our countryside and after a while gone all in and emigrate. Some have never been in Sweden before and just decide to emigrate right away.

There is unfortunately not one ultimate “How to emigrate-guide”, that suits everyone. Everyone has their own push and pull factors for emigrating to another country and there are therefore different ways to make reality of your idea.

In Tingsryd municipality we offer what we call a Relocation service because we believe that other Europeans can contribute to a living countryside and community. We welcome more lights all year round in the windows, ideas that can develop businesses and new energy to our local associations.

Our Relocation service is under development and consists of two persons willing to meet and answer questions you may have regarding the life in Sweden and Tingsryd. We will probably not be able to answer them all at once but we assure you we will do our best to help you with your puzzle of emigration. Together we know the local landscape of Tingsryd and many people in it so you are more than welcome to contact us as a start!


Why Tingsryd?  

If you are interested in moving to Sweden there are of course many beautiful places to choose from. Rose-Marie has lived in Tingsryd for many years and Johan moved here 2020 and we think that the Tingsryd slogan “Where life is wonderful” is pretty accurate to be honest and at the same time we won’t pretend that Tingsryd is perfect for everyone because no place is. When we talk to other Europeans that have moved here they usually say that below is the USP’s of Tingsryd:

  • Life in Tingsryd is slower than the life they came from.
  • Life in Tingsryd is more connected with nature than the life they came from.
  • People in Tingsryd are very friendly (Although it may take a while to get under the skin of a swede, but that is just how we are)
  • Tingsryd is geographically very close to Europe if you by any reason wants to visit your old home and relatives.
  • Tingsryd Is spacious (11,6 inhabitants per km2) and has over 200 lakes ready for a swim.

We will attend the Emigration Expo, in Utrecht, the Netherlands 6 and 7 April 2024

Together with the municipality of Växjö and Ljungby and the regional administration office “Region Kronoberg” we will be present in Utrecht at Home - De Internationale Emigratiebeurs . Please come and talk to us in the monter (Hall 4, #428: Kronoberg – Småland in het echt!) about your possible future in Tingsryd.

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